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Many people have now heard the terms “formaldehyde free” & “VOC free”, but what do they really mean to you?  While the look & functionality of your cabinetry is important, today you can also make informed decisions about the materials your cabinetry is constructed & finished with that will improve the air quality of your interior environment. By choosing cabinetry made with natural products such as plywood manufactured with natural soy-based adhesives, & coating or paint free from synthetic VOC’s you will reduce the irritants in your home environment that can contribute to Asthma & other respiratory conditions, allergies & sensitivity to chemicals, eye & nose irritation, & dermatitis.
Crafted Green, non-toxic, eco-friendly plywood kitchens & cabinetry. 2014
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At Crafted Green we design & manufacture kitchen & other

cabinetry from sustainable, non-toxic hardwood Plywood.

Crafted Green sets a new standard in Australian kitchen cabinetry with a system that covers all aspects of what informed people look for in a kitchen today.  We focus on creating a positive environment in your home, by using materials that will not harm your family or the environment, & through innovative construction & design.  Achieve a Green Star rating by improving the indoor environment quality & reduce toxic emissions, without compromising on design. Health Breath easy knowing that you have made a health-conscious decision.  Your cabinetry will be free from formaldehyde & volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), reducing the chance of illness caused by your interior environment. Environment Innovative cabinet design & materials from renewable resources reduce environmental impact & the amount of materials used in the building process. Craftsmanship Traditional joinery skills are combined with innovative screw-less cabinet construction.  Pair this with elegant styling & you have cabinetry that is uniquely yours & will stand the test of time. Australian Manufactured in south-west Victoria.  By choosing Crafted Green you are also choosing to support local manufacturing & Australian jobs. Australia wide delivery is possible, and enquiry as to international delivery is welcome.  The system is suitable for flat-pack transportation and assembly is speedy and efficient thanks to the unique slotted construction.
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